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Louisville receives minor penalties from IARP decision

About what we expected.

Louisville v South Carolina Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Louisville Cardinals finally received their punishment for the pay-for-play scandal involving Brian Bowen.

Handed down after an investigation by the IARP, the Cards avoided a postseason ban, while receiving a small fine and other minor penalties instead. Matt Norlander of CBS released the news this morning.

Highlighting the punishments is a $5000 fine, with a reduction of recruiting days, and communication periods. The Cards will also be on a two-year probation period with the NCAA.

Most surprisingly from these penalties is that both Rick Pitino and Chris Mack avoided any type of punishment at all, despite their roles in several of the infractions against the program.

With some minor overall, Kenny Payne has now moved into a new window of his short tenure with the program. Where he goes from here with no cloud over the program is the big question.

Can he win at Louisville? Absolutely.

Has too much damage been done from waiting five years to find out these penalties? That is the the big question he will need to answer.