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Bruiser Flint says Kentucky is focusing on long-term goals amid slow start

It’s still very early in what will be a long season.

UK Mascot Scratch Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - A Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are not off to the best start this season, as they are sitting with a 4-2 record with both losses coming in their two biggest matchups.

However, Kentucky is not the only top team struggling in the early season. Duke, UCLA, Michigan State, Gonzaga, and North Carolina have all picked up two losses in the early season.

Also, the defending national champions dropped their first game of the year in a 14-point loss to Tennessee.

On Monday, assistant coach Bruiser Flint did the pre-Bellarmine press conference, and he noted that there is a lot more parity in the sport, but it is not about the start, it's about the finish.

“Y’all think we lost two games, and the season is over. But I mean it’s one of those things... who’s more ready at the beginning of the year? One thing about basketball, it’s a long season. It’s not always about the start, it’s about the finish. As the season goes on, you try to get better.

“That’s the thing about basketball, because you have so many games to try to get better.”

College basketball is all about how you are playing in March. Last season, the Cats were hit by an injury bug late that derailed their season. Kansas and North Carolina played for the National Championship, but the Cats dominated both teams.

Once again, it's about how you finish.

The results have been frustrating so far, but it is a long season, and the Cats will have another opportunity to get better on Tuesday when they face Bellarmine.