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UK to play more zone?

According to John Calipari, the Cats have been practicing it.

John Calipari A Sea Of Blue - Dylan Ballard

During the John Calipari era with the Kentucky Wildcats, one thing that has become well known is that the Cats don't play zone.

Over his tenure, UK has occasionally mixed it in, but it’s not something the head coach does regularly.

Until this season, potentially.

In tonight’s call-in show, Calipari dropped a noteworthy statement, saying that the team practiced zone all day today.

Anyone that follows UK men’s basketball knows Calipari passionately hates zone defense, partly because it’s easier to know who’s in the wrong when man-to-man defense breaks down, and because it’s not a defense that’s used much in the NBA. Calipari markets UK as the best school to get players ready for the next level, so playing a lot of zone would counter that belief.

This season, the Cats have shown flashes on defense, but have also struggled their fair bit as well. Playing zone also will allow Coach Cal to keep players in that might not be the best defenders but bring versatility offensively.

Who knows if the Cats will play it much, but it’s a fair guess that Kentucky will play at least a few possessions of zone against Bellarmine on Tuesday.