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ESPN replacing SEC/Big 12 Challenge with ACC/SEC Challenge

Some good matchup possibilities in here.

Basketball ball. Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Massive college basketball news coming on Monday, as ESPN is set do do away with both the SEC/Big 12 Challenge and the B1G/ACC Challenge after this season.

Starting in 2023, the SEC and ACC will start up their own challenge, for both men and women, beginning the week after Thanksgiving. No word on if the B1G and Big 12 will start up a series.

This is certainly significant news for the Kentucky Wildcats, as for the last 10 seasons, Kansas has been the primary opponent for Kentucky, playing the Jayhawks five times in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge, including the upcoming meeting in January.

Other opponents for Kentucky in the challenge included Texas, Baylor, and Texas Tech.

This opens up new possibilities for Kentucky, including a re-kindling of the UNC home-and-home as well as the much, much anticipated and wanted Duke home-and-home.

There’s also teams such as Virginia, Florida State, Syracuse, and North Carolina State.

Of course, this won’t count for the Louisville game, one would assume, as that’s an annual matchup and rivalry game.

Go here for more details.