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Barion Brown shoots down transfer rumors; “BBN for life”

Barion Brown has a very bright future, hopefully in Lexington for a few more years.

Barion Brown Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

Barion Brown isn’t going anywhere, according to Barion Brown.

If you missed it, several weeks ago, reporter Cory Lemer (via Mike Farrell Sports) put out an article discussing coaching and transfer portal rumors, which included a snippet about the Kentucky Wildcats’ promising true freshman.

While Lemer didn’t have anything concrete in the article, it was still enough to leave some in the BBN wondering if Brown would be one of the school’s rare football one and dones.

3. Barion Brown leaving Kentucky?

Kentucky pulled a star in their 2022 recruiting class with WR Barion Brown. The true freshman has been electric for the Wildcats this year on both special teams and offense. This morning rumors broke pointing towards the star WR transferring due to NIL which would be a massive blow for many colleges. I am 50/50 on this rumor. While I believe Brown is happy with the Wildcats, it would not shock me to see his name entered when the season comes to a close. If he transfers, teams like Alabama and Tennessee should be at the top of his board based on how well they pushed for his original commitment.

Following today’s win over the No. 25 Louisville Cardinals, Brown made it clear he plans to remain in Lexington, saying he’s “BBN for life” via our own Dylan Ballard.

Be sure to check out the full interview below!

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