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Kentucky vs. Louisville game thread and pregame reading

Kentucky honors Chris Oats and the rest of the seniors while facing Louisville in the Governor’s Cup.

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Chris Oats Nick Roush on Twitter

The Kentucky Wildcats take on the Louisville Cardinals at 3 pm ET at Kroger Field. You can watch the game on the SEC Network or stream it live at WatchESPN, ESPN+, the ESPN app, or you can use a free trial of

This game is always circled on the calendar for both teams. It’s more than just a game, it’s who runs the state. Both fan bases have been talking trash all year getting ready for today.

It’s going to be another tough one for the Cats. Louisville has been up and down this year; however, they have some big wins and impressive performances, most notably against then-No. 10 Wake Forest.

Kentucky put up a strong fight against Georgia last week, and if a couple of things had gone their way, it could’ve been even closer.

Based on what we’ve seen from the players on Twitter this week, it looks like everyone is still very involved and ready to defend the Governor's Cup, despite the disappointing season.

Most importantly, today will see many seniors honored for Senior Day, including Chris Oats, who will be getting a lot of love today at Kroger Field, as you can see below.

It’s Cats, It’s Cards. Get HYPED! Check out some of these pregame reads in the meantime.

Pregame Reading