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Kentucky falls to Gonzaga: 3 things to know and postgame banter

Kentucky loses another big-time game, and this one in embarrassing fashion.

Kentucky v Gonzaga Photo by Robert Johnson/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats fell to the Gonzaga Bulldogs in Spokane on Sunday night by a score of 88-72.

The Cats looked outmatched from the start. An inability to score or defend led to a 41-25 halftime deficit.

After the break, Kentucky fought their way back into contention, but in the end, they couldn’t get it done.

Next up, the Cats return to Lexington to take on North Florida on Wednesday afternoon.

Slow start

Kentucky got off to a slow start, and they never caught up. The Cats trailed by as many as 18, and while they cut the lead in the second half, it wasn’t enough.

Once again, Kentucky couldn’t score. The offense was painful to watch and this time, the defense was just as bad. Something’s got to give or this season will be another disappointment, which has sadly become commonplace.


Rebounding is becoming a serious concern for this team. The Cats have Oscar Tshiebwe down low, but aside from him, no one hits the glass well or consistently.

This team has enough issues as is, and the rebounding failures just compound the rest of the issues.

Hopefully, this is an issue Kentucky is able to correct as the season progresses.

Stage is too big for too many

For the second time this week, the stage proved too big for too many guys. Ugonna Kingsley Onyenso is lost against top-tier competition and that’s okay because his impact was expected to be minimal this season.

What’s more concerning is the play of CJ Fredrick and Antonio Reeves. The veterans have dominated lesser competition, but this is twice now early in the season that they’ve fallen flat on the biggest stage.

Lance Ware is what he is at this point, but Daimion Collins looks unplayable against any halfway decent team and Chris Livingston may have been a bit overhyped.

As much talent as this team has, as many veterans as they have, roster construction is still a concern that haunts Cal.

On to the next one.

Now, let’s here what you had to say.

Go Cats!