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SEC Power Rankings: Week 11

Kentucky narrowly avoids the chopping block.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV. 05 Kentucky at Missouri

There’s only three weeks left in the regular season, and the East and West conference champions have all but emerged. LSU is one win and Ole Miss loss away from locking up a rare SEC championship appearance and Georgia has wrested control of the East from the Tennessee Volunteers. We’re down to the final eight in the power rankings now, where we will stay until the end of the regular season. Kentucky came dangerously close to getting chopped out but narrowly escaped disaster in Missouri, while Arkansas—the rough and tough Arkansas Razorbacks!—take one loss too many and get banished from the rankings as the #9 team.

They’ve played the games and the grades are in—here are your SEC Power Rankings before Week 10:

1. Georgia Bulldogs

And they’re back! Never underestimate home field advantage—or the Georgia Bulldogs. Grade: A+

2. Tennessee Volunteers

Can’t knock the Vols too hard for losing on the road to the defending national champions with their division on the line, but now we know that even Tennessee’s offense is mortal. Grade: B

3. Ole Miss

What, a third team ranked ahead of Alabama? Good week to take a bye, and if they beat the Tide next week not only can they keep this spot but the West might still be up for grabs. Grade: n/a

4. LSU Tigers (Win of the Week)

What a rise for LSU, going from starting out in these rankings as the #14 team after losing their opener to Florida State and toppling Alabama to improve to 7-2 and take the driver’s seat in the West with three weeks to go! This LSU team even has a chance to make the CFP if it wins out! What an impressive season so far. Grade: A+

5. Alabama Crimson Tide

Welp, that’s the fatal second loss for all CFP contenders. But there’s still plenty of season left to be played and football to be won. Look out for the Tide this weekend in Oxford—they’ll be ready to return to their winning ways. Grade: B

6. Mississippi State

Now that would’ve been embarrassing and thrown a wrench in things, but the Bulldogs did not lose at home to cellar-dwelling Auburn. Survive and advance: only the really good teams are 6-3 or better at this point. Grade: C+

7. Kentucky Wildcats

Oooh, boy that was too close for comfort! The ‘Cats did just enough to overcome their weaknesses and injuries to survive their trip to Colombia and keep their season rolling (as well as keep them in these power rankings). Colin Goodfellow is out for the season now, but what a way to go out, as the game-saving hero who will be remembered for the most painful punt of his life. Grade: C+

8. Florida Gators

I have to hand it to the Gators: that was the best gridiron performance they’ve put on yet this season. Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies look like they’re falling apart, because Florida just raided College Station in a 41-24 win that nobody would’ve predicted in the preseason. They’ve had some ups and downs but have managed to stay in the top eight and have three winnable games left to possibly finish a very respectable 8-4. Grade: A+

Eliminated: Arkansas Razorbacks, South Carolina Gamecocks, Texas A&M Aggies, Missouri Tigers, Vanderbilt Commodores, Auburn Tigers