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Scott Satterfield in danger of being fired this weekend?

The clock is ticking for Satterfield in the Ville.

Louisville v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Scott Satterfield’s time on Floyd Street could be coming to an end.

The current Louisville Cardinals coach is off to a slow start this season, and is now firmly cemented himself on the hot seat after a loss to Boston College last Saturday 34-33.

It appeared that Satterfield could be out as the coach sooner rather than later this morning as ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg reported a change could come if the Cards fall to Virginia on Saturday.

“He didn’t enter the season with the same inevitability about his job status as other coaches, but it’s becoming harder to see a path where Satterfield returns in 2023,” Rittenberg said. “Last week’s 34-33 loss to Boston College, where Louisville blew four leads, has put Satterfield on extremely shaky ground. If Louisville falls to lowly Virginia on Saturday before an open week, a change is expected.”

This news was followed up sooner after by Eric Crawford of WDRB with this:

Whichever side you think may be true, one thing is for certain… Satterfield’s time in Louisville appears to be coming to an end. The question now becomes when does it happen?

With a top-20 recruiting class coming in for next season, it also brings up the question; do you keep him around to see what he can do with the incoming class?

It’s fairly obvious what needs to be done to make Louisville competitive once again, but from all of the Big Blue Nation; please keep him around.

Either way the heat is turned up in Louisville.