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John Calipari talks closed scrimmages

Will Kentucky start to host other schools for private scrimmages in the future?

NCAA Basketball: Missouri Western State at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Each “preseason,” Division 1 basketball programs are allowed to compete in one closed scrimmage in place of a second exhibition game. Fans and media members of both teams, though, aren’t able to attend.

This is an opportunity Kentucky has not yet taken advantage of, but other blue-blood programs such as Duke and North Carolina have.

If Kentucky were to take advantage of doing instead of playing a second exhibition game against a team like Missouri Western State or Kentucky State, there likely wouldn’t be much pushback.

No, there isn’t fan access, and it’s a scrimmage that media wouldn’t be able to cover in-person. However, the experience for Kentucky that often has several new faces each season would be incredibly valuable.

With no disrespect to Missouri Western State or Kentucky State, the schools Kentucky could likely host in a private scrimmage would present much more of a challenge and push the Wildcats a bit harder ahead of their season opener.

After Sunday night’s exhibition game vs. Missouri Western State, head coach John Calipari said he is open to closed-door scrimmages with other DI schools.

“Because it’s become so prevalent, we have to address it. It’s probably at that point where we got to do like everybody else and play a scrimmage and figure out who it is and close the doors down and let’s go”

Is this something you’d like to see Kentucky take advantage of? Or would you rather see Kentucky play two regular exhibition games like they are now?