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Kentucky gets demolished at Tennessee: 4 things to know and postgame banter

Kentucky got whipped in an embarrassing loss.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats fell hard against the No. 3 ranked Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday night in Knoxville by a score of 44-6.

The Vols came out firing, despite some early penalty trouble, including a 3-minute touchdown drive to begin the game, though they ended with just seven points at the end of the first quarter and the Cats trailing just 7-6.

From there, it was game over, as Kentucky was far too incompetent to get anything done.

Kentucky couldn’t move the ball against a porous defense, and UT dominated UK’s defense from that point on. It was sad all the way around.

Next up, the Cats will head to Columbia to take on the Missouri Tigers in another SEC East battle.

Kicking woes continue

Are you surprised? What’s the bigger liability: Offensive line, or the kicking game?

Once again, Matt Ruffolo misses an extra point, and Collin Goodfellow had an 18-yard punt before the break that led to a Tennessee touchdown.

It’s time for Kentucky to get a real special teams coordinator.

Tempo struggle

I love Brad White. We all do. But two years in a row, this “top” defense has been boat raced by Josh Heupel.

Ir’s embarrassing. Coming off a bye week, UK had 14 days to prep for UT’s hurry-up offense—the same offense they saw in Lexington last season, and they were flat out embarrassed. Not once, but twice the Vols’ top receiver had wide open touchdowns.

Kentucky appeared unaware that UT would run an up-tempo offense and the Vols took advantage. As soon as UT’s first drive of the game, Tennessee went for it on fourth and one and the Cats weren’t event set. Pathetic and inexcusable.

Will Levis is not a top pick right now

I hate to break the news to the BBN, but this guy isn’t a first-round pick. I feel sorry for the genera manager who will lose their job drafting Levis.

Time and time again, we ASSUME progress will be made. Against a horrific pass defense, Levis looked as bad as ever. Turnover after turnover. Bad pass after bad pass. The offensive line wasn’t even that bad this game.

He fumbled twice in the red zone to lose at Ole Miss, and he lost another one—this time against one of the worst pass defenses in the country.

Rich Scangarello is struggling

Scangarello might be a great QB coach, but he’s not proven to be an effective offensive coordinator. For now, his struggles as OC in the NFL have carried over to college,

Despite the offensive line deficiencies, Kentucky has incredible talent at wide receiver, one of the best running backs in the country, and an alleged top-10 quarterback. And Scangarello STILL can’t move the ball against a horrible defense.

What a disappointing result in a season with so much hype. Let’s vent.