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NCAA released updated NIL guidelines

The NIL guidelines get an update.

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NIL has been a wild time in collegiate athletics since its implementation back in July 2021, but now it seems we are getting more clarity on what is, and isn’t, permissible per the NCAA.

On Wednesday, the NCAA released new guidelines for NIL and how to navigate it.

Member schools are not allowed to provide financial support to an NIL collective, but athletic departments are allowed to help fundraise for a collective and facilitate meetings between an NIL collective and a booster.

For athletes, any administrator is not allowed to negotiate contracts for student-athletes (pay-for-play), and athletes are not allowed to get a portion of the TV revenue. They are also not allowed to use their NIL deal to promote a sporting event.

In short, some of the key guidelines are boosters and collectors are able to raise and fund money for current athletes on campus. However, it is not be used a recruiting tool or any sort of pay-for-play to entice a recruit to commit or transfer to that particular school.

To read the full guidelines, click here.