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SEC Power Rankings Week 9

We are down to just two SEC unbeatens.

Ole Miss v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

One of our biggest performers over the course of the season so far has been the Ole Miss Rebels, who for seven straight weeks did what very few other teams in the country could do: not lose.

Last Saturday that streak came to an end in Death Valley, however, as LSU used a monster second half to run away with an easy win and knock the Rebels to 7-1. No shame in losing on the road to LSU of course, but now we just have two unbeatens left: Tennessee and Georgia, who not only will face each other in two weeks but both have yet to play Kentucky.

They’ve played the games and the grades are in—here are your SEC Power Rankings before Week 9:

1. Tennessee Volunteers

After outscoring UT-Martin 52-7 in the first half, the Vols found themselves outscored 17-7 in the second. Of course that half didn’t really matter, as the entirety of it was what is known in sports jargon as “garbage time.” Grade: A+

2. Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs took a nap in their doghouse while several teams while Florida tried to sneak past the “Beware of Dog” signs and steal anything they can use for an advantage in next week’s Jacksonville showdown. Grade: n/a

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

Did you know that Alabama’s won 15 straight against Mississippi State and the last five by these scores: 30-6, 49-9, 41-0, 38-7, and 24-0? Maybe next year in Starkville the Bulldogs will score their first Tide touchdown in four years. Grade: A

4. Ole Miss

What an awful second half, getting outscored 28-0. Still, this was just their first loss, and with Kentucky idle and a head-to-head win over the Wildcats they’ll keep the #4 spot for now. Grade: C

5. Kentucky Wildcats

Time to go shock the world in Knoxville. Grade: n/a

6. LSU Tigers

These last two weeks have been huge after the blowout home loss to Tennessee, getting an ‘A’ in their win over Florida and an ‘A+’ after a big win over Ole Miss to move up to 2nd place in the West standings. Grade: A+

7. Mississippi State

Did you know that Mississippi State’s lost 15 straight against Alabama and the last five by these scores: 30-6, 49-9, 41-0, 38-7, and 24-0? Oh wait, you do. Grade: D

8. Arkansas Razorbacks

The Hogs were off last week preparing for Auburn. Grade: n/a

9. South Carolina

Well look who’s back! Taking advantage of the elimination re-evaluation, South Carolina made the cut for the top 10 thanks to continuing a four-game winning streak against Texas A&M in a fantastic performance under the lights at Williams-Brice. Think this won’t last? Look at their next two opponents: Missouri and Vanderbilt. This team is going bowling and then some. Grade: A+

10. Florida Gators

Taking the week off saved the Gators from elimination, as a loss might’ve doomed them to fall below the cutoff line, but Texas A&M’s sour 3-4 record sends them packing for now. If Florida doesn’t step up against tough competition soon, though, they might fall below .500 also. Grade: n/a

Eliminated: Texas A&M Aggies, Missouri Tigers, Vanderbilt Commodores, Auburn Tigers