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The D1 Transformation Committee has had dialogue to expand the NCAA Tournament in all sports

The expansion would allow 25% of eligible teams to make the tournament.

Marquette v Syracuse Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

There could be a major expansion coming to the NCAA Tournament in all sports.

On Thursday, Jon Rothstein reported that the Division 1 Transformation Committee has been in talks to expand the NCAA Tournament in all sports to include 25% of the programs who are eligible.

For the men’s basketball NCAA Tournament, this would mean that the field is expanded by roughly 20 teams making it approximately an 88-team field.

However, Rothstein also noted that if the expansion occurs, they may not make the change to the men’s basketball tournament “because of its uniqueness.”

The Transformation Committee will be meeting later this month.

While the many teams that are left out of the NCAA Tournament have a case to be made to be included, it is worth asking if making the field closer to 90 teams makes the regular season less important?

Regardless, it is easy to see why there would be so many people on both sides of the isle on this topic.

How do you feel about expanding the NCAA Tournaments for all sports?

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