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UK basketball legend Dan Issel joins Big Blue Drew on the Kentucky Dad Podcast

Hear tales from the ABA, details of a phone conversation with Will Ferrell, and painful Dad jokes.

The Kentucky Dad Podcast was blessed to hear from someone who can only be described as Kentucky basketball royalty.

All-time leading men’s basketball scorer and hoops legend Dan Issel was kind enough to grace the show with his presence, and it was terrific stuff all around.

First off, if you’ve never heard Dan on radio then you’re really doing yourself a disservice, because he’s magic behind the mic.

His daily show can be heard Monday-Friday from 10-12 pm ET locally in the Louisville area on 680 AM, 105.7 FM or steaming from anywhere using the iHeart app.

The two-hour morning show was long hosted by Dan Issel and fellow former Kentucky basketball superstar, Mike Pratt.

After Pratt’s unfortunate passing in June, Louis Rabaut partnered with Dan, and they were nice enough to invite me on every Monday to chat about Kentucky sports.

After getting to know Dan Issel a little bit over the last several weeks I was thrilled to get him in the Dad Pod setting because he’s a treasure chest of awesome stories both past and present.

It’s worth your time to hear the full details regarding Will Ferrell’s infamous “WHAT IN THE DAN ISSEL” line from the 2013 movie Anchorman 2 and the phone call that took place between the two of them shortly afterward.

I personally enjoyed hearing tales of the ABA and discussing the vast difference between hoops then, and now.

If you’ve never checked out the Kentucky Dad Podcast this would be an excellent episode to start with.

For the most part they are not timely, so it’s easy to go back and listen to previous episodes without feeling lost because of the date that it was recorded.

Believe it or not Dan Issel isn’t the only top five Kentucky Men’s basketball scorer to join the Kentucky Dad Pod — in 2020 Tony Delk (5th all-time leading scorer) made an appearance as well.

That’s over 4,000 points on the pod!

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