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Jon Sumrall finishes the job

The Cats seal the win in Sumrall’s last game before taking over at Troy.

There may have not been a happier individual than Jon Sumrall after the Kentucky Wildcats knocked off the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday afternoon.

Sumrall was not only rejoicing over the big win, but also was ecstatic for the player who made the play to end the game.

By now, I'm sure all of you have seen the interception by Deandre Square as the Hawkeyes were on the brink of field-goal range with a little under a minute to go. If you haven't heard though, Square came back into the game after being ruled out, to help his defense for one last go.

Square and Sumrall’s relationship dates back to when both entered the program four years ago, and have both been key pieces to the success this program has had over the last several seasons.

Moments after the game ended, he was asked about the play Square made to seal the win. Check out what he had to say below.

“I came back to coach that kid and to watch him make that play. Made my year” Sumrall said.

Early in December, it was announced that Sumrall would be heading to Troy to take over as the head coach of the Trojans. And to some surprise, Sumrall announced he would be coaching the Citrus Bowl alongside his guys one last time.

Alongside that, he also continued to recruit for the Cats, eventually helping the staff land signatures from Quentel Jones and Ja’Kobi Albert.

It is obvious that UK means a ton to Sumrall, and wouldn't be shocking to see him return to Lexington one day.

For the time being though, what a way to go out.