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Kentucky football player provides details about fraternity party fight

This is the first account of what started the fight.

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Ever since the news broke about the fraternity part fight that involved six Kentucky Wildcats football players, many have wondered what exactly sparked the fight?

For the first time, we now have an account of what occurred that started the fight.

WKYT obtained documents from UK through an open-records request. One of the obtained documents was a letter that one of the players sent to the UK Office of Student Conduct.

The players’ name was redacted, but he claims he and his teammates feared for their lives after encountering racial slurs at the party.

“I completely and undoubtedly deny any allegations that I threatened, harmed or caused any harm to anyone at this party that night,” a football player whose name was redacted wrote in a letter dated April 20 and sent to UK’s student responsibility coordinator. “I was the victim of a ‘hate crime’ that I will be following up and filing charges with the city of Lexington soon.”

Also in the letter, the player describes a young lady screaming “get these fu[redacted] N[redacted] out of here,” with more than a dozen other guys coming up to them, pushing them and calling them “black a[redacted] N[redacted]”, “P[redacted] a[redacted] N[redacted]” as well as other things.

“This was a very traumatic experience for me, something I never had to endure in my lifetime,” the letter reads. “All I could think about is my life and getting out of that house.”

Andru Phillips, RJ Adams, JuTahn McClain, Earnest Sanders, Joel Williams, and Vito Tisdale were all clear by UK in June, but first-degree burglary charges were filed on August 19th. Tisdale was also charged with wanton endangerment for allegedly brandishing a gun.

We will continue to bring you more updates on this case as they are released.

You can read everything WKYT found in the documents here.