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SEC power rankings and grades ahead of Week 4

Alabama and Florida both earned high marks for their epic duel.

Alabama v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Week 3 was not as kind to the nation’s strongest conference as Weeks 1 & 2. This time around three teams lost non-conference games in difficult matchups. Auburn couldn’t handle the White Out in Happy Valley, Mississippi State found themselves on the wrong end of an officiating fiasco, and Vanderbilt couldn’t hang with Stanford in a 41-23 home loss.

One team impressed even in defeat as the Florida Gators got oh-so-close to toppling the Crimson Tide. Their 31-29 win was the closest any team had come to beating Bama since their SEC Championship duel with them last winter. A loss is a loss, but they’re going to be a handful for Georgia when they meet in Jacksonville.

Enough talk about defeats, though! Let’s move on to the rankings and grades so we can glory in Georgia’s dominance, Ole Miss’s 60-burger, and Kentucky’s pick-six that saved them from a Florida State-sized disaster.

1. Georgia Bulldogs

Alabama has some big wins now, but Georgia still hasn’t done anything to lose the top spot. Putting 40 points on South Carolina is what CFP teams do for breakfast. Grade: A+

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (Win of the Week)

By their standards they didn’t live up to their standards, but they just beat a #11 ranked Florida squad in The Swamp. Tell the rest of the country to do that by two points and try giving them a bad grade. They blew a big lead, but victory in an extremely difficult game just needs to be a victory. That’s why they get the Win of the Week. Grade: B+

3. Texas A&M Aggies

I tip my hat to the shutout. Absolute college football perfection. Grade: A+

4. Arkansas Razorbacks

Unlike a blue-and-white team we’ll get to in a bit, the Hogs showed no signs of a hangover or letdown against Georgia Southern, pasting them by 35 to get to a shocking 3-0. Next week’s home game against Texas A&M will be absolutely huge. Grade: A

5. Florida Gators

I hate moving teams up for losing, but playing Alabama like that almost defies the laws of physics. I can never give an ‘A’ for a loss, but you Gators play like a CFP champion sometimes. Grade: B+

6. Ole Miss

That was an absolutely dominant beatdown of a strong Tulane squad. A+ for y’all, Rebels. Can you do what Florida couldn’t next week against numero uno? Grade: A+

7. Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky, you can’t scare me like that. That was the most horrible football I’ve seen from you since 2015 and it almost derailed your season. If you didn’t snag that pick six, you’d be flunking out of class with an ‘F’ that would haunt you for the rest of the season and possibly for the years to come. But unlike the Florida States, Washingtons, and Vanderbilts, you survived. That kind of performance will leave you beyond hope in conference play, so you better get your act together before Saturday’s road game with South Carolina. Grade: D

8. Auburn Tigers

Happy Valley sure is rough, huh? Walk it off and get ready for conference play in two weeks. Grade: B

9. Mississippi State Bulldogs

The officiating snakebit y’all on the road against Memphis, but take out your frustration on LSU next week and you’ll be alright. Grade: B

10. LSU Tigers

Way to show the Chippewas who’s boss after they pushed Missouri around in Week 1. Shake off the early UCLA loss and start winning some SEC West games. I know you aren’t over the 2019 hill. Grade: A

11. Missouri Tigers

Wow, you sure were angry about the Kentucky loss. Giving up 28 to the FCS is a little much for a perfect score though. Grade: A

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

Not much you can do against the Bulldogs; in fact, you played far better offense against them than your rival Clemson. Lose to Kentucky this weekend though, and I think your bowl hopes will be unrealistic. Grade: B-

13. Tennessee Volunteers

Alright, good job, Vols. One week after a slightly embarrassing home loss to Pitt you played a perfect 56-0 shutout in your FCS cupcake party. Kudos. Grade: A+

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

I’m not sure how to grade this since you stink and I’m not sure whether Stanford does too or not, but nothing about the game seems like it deserves really gracious compliments. I bet y’all are looking forward to the UConn game though. Grade: C