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Kentucky bowl projections roundup

Three weeks into the season, Kentucky has some interesting predicted bowl matchups.

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Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Can you believe that the season is already a quarter of the way done? With that now is about the time we start to see some early (but more predictable) bowl projections.

The Kentucky Wildcats currently sit at 3-0. Currently, ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) has them projected to finish with an 8-4 record, which is the record you will see a lot of bowl projections based off of.

After Week 3, here is a quick roundup of current Kentucky Football Bowl Projections:

Looking over the projections above, a trip down to Jacksonville to play Mack Brown and the Tar Heels would be fun, which is closely followed by a trip to Nashville to matchup with Michigan and Jim Harbaugh. A trip to Charlotte to play Virginia doesn't scream excitement, and Memphis doesn't either.

UK is approaching the part of their schedule though where they can make some noise in these projections. Finish at 10-2 or 9-3, and you could be looking at another trip to the Citrus Bowl or better.

Let’s just hope it ends up being somewhere warm.