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5 biggest winners from Week 0

Football is back!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 28 Nebraska at Illinois

Hey what up, BBN! College football is back, the games have begun, the tailgates are down, and the grills are fired up.

This first “5 biggest winners” post will be quite unique in that we only had a grand total of five games played in Week 0, so all five teams that won get to stand on the podium today (even UTEP. Don’t get used to it.) Even with such a small dose of football storylines still abounded (is it hot in here, Scott Frost?) and UConn got back in the saddle with a brilliant 45-0 loss to a team on the other side of the country as they prepare for another run at CBS’s Bottom 25 Playoff.

Alright, let’s get started!

5. San Jose State

The defending Mountain West champions rolled over Southern Utah 45-14 and probably enjoyed it. Perhaps the tune-up will catch #15 USC off guard this Saturday?


Usually one of the FBS bottom-feeders, UTEP got to dominate New Mexico State on the road in a 30-3 thumping they aren’t used to. Next week they face FCS Bethune Cookman for a chance to hit 2-0, which will get those fans dreaming about bowl games. It doesn’t matter how bad a team you beat—there’s no medicine for a program like winning.

3. Fresno State

You get to be ranked 3rd thanks to the shutout. Good job welcoming the Huskies back after a 1-year hiatus and good luck in the Mountain West. Unless you win at Oregon this Saturday I don’t think we’ll be seeing you in this column again.


The Bruins have flipped a switch and gotten some excitement buzzing around L.A. Rolling over Hawai’i is the exact warm-up they need for one of the most anticipated games they’ve had in a while: LSU in Pasadena.

1. Illinois

An upset! 4th quarter drama! A safety! Illinois got the 2021 season going with a sweet home underdog win over Scott Frost’s Cornhuskers. The Illini didn’t pull off a major upset, but they welcomed their fans back and treated them to a Big Ten win they earned and can celebrate. They have two easy non-conference games they should automatically win, so think of it this way Illinois fans: you might not have gone into this season expecting much, and you probably don’t want to overreact after just one game, but you’re only three more Big Ten wins away from a bowl game. You didn’t have much competition for it this week, but I dub thee the biggest winners of Week 0. Like all other teams who make this column, your victory over Nebraska will be in consideration for the end-of-the-year “10 biggest winners of the 2021 season” column. But don’t stop here—go fry some bigger fish and give us a game of the year victory over Penn State or Wisconsin. Floundering Nebraska is only the beginning for your new coach.