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UK Office of Student Conduct reports shows no evidence Vito Tisdale had a gun at fraternity party

Tisdale was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment charge on top of a burglary charge.

Photo by Jacob Noger - UK Football

Of the six UK Football players charged with burglary stemming from an off-campus fraternity party in August, only one, defensive back Vito Tisdale was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment.

Tisdale was charged with wanton endangerment for allegedly brandishing a firearm at the party. All of this comes after UK investigated the events and cleared all six players, including Tisdale, to return to the team for training camp this summer.

Now, with charges looming, Tisdale’s family is working on clearing the defensive back’s name and, in effort, released a letter to BBN Tonight that Tisdale received from the UK Office of Student Conduct that reveal he did participate in a fight at the party but that there was not enough evidence to prove he used a gun.

The letter states the board found “there was not enough evidence to say with certainty he had a gun and also agreed that racial slurs played a “significant role” in the events and led to its escalation.

This letter, as well as Former LMPD Homicide Sergeant and Kentucky State Representative Denny Butler, who is working with the players on their case calling into Kentucky Sports Radio and reporting Tisdale passed a polygraph test stating he did not have a gun at the party are among the way’s Tisdale hopes to avoid being found guilty.