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Update on CJ Fredrick leg injury and recovery

CJ Fredrick is close to being fully back.

UK Athletics

CJ Fredrick is almost back, folks.

Earlier this summer, the Iowa Hawkeyes transfer had a minor procedure done on his leg to help fix an injury that had been bothering him for the last few seasons.

One of the big questions surrounding this was would he be ready for the start of fall practice.

Well, you can actually hear an update from CJ himself on how his recovery has been going.

Maggie Davis of BBN Tonight interviewed Fredrick and gave fans a positive update as to how his recovery has been coming along.

It is no secret that Fredrick will play a major role on the team this season. As a 46.6% career three-point shooter at the college level, he fits in perfectly to the new four-out guard system that John Calipari has hinted at running this season with his Kentucky Wildcats.

On top of the update on his recovery, Davis also asked Fredrick for a “little inside scoop” to what he has seen from the team this season. His answer should get the BBN even more excited:

“We’re going to be really good,” said Fredrick.

There is a lot of buzz currently around the Kentucky basketball program due to its recruiting efforts, but from all accounts it seems as if this Kentucky team is ready to get rolling this season. Honestly, it’s hard not to love that there is some swagger back in the Joe Craft Center.

Either way basketball season is almost here folks. With only a few weeks until Big Blue Madness, it won't be long until we get to see what all the hype behind this team is about.

Go Cats!

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