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John Wall, Houston Rockets mutually agree to find trade for 5-time All-Star

John Wall is set to find a new home away from the rebuilding Rockets.

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The Houston Rockets and John Wall were always an interesting combination. He was traded by the Washington Wizards to Houston in a trade that also included former MVP guard Russell Westbrook.

Since then, it was clear that the Rockets weren’t going to be a long-term home for Wall. After former Wildcat teammate DeMarcus Cousins was bought out of his contract, it felt like the time was ticking for Wall.

However, given his max-value deal, there was never going to be a buyout. The Rockets are now trying to find Wall a new home, but it may be difficult given his production compared to his contract.

The report of Wall and the Rockets looking to find a new home for the former All-Star was first brought to light by The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

During his time with the Rockets, Wall averaged 20.6 points per game. While his efficiency wasn’t there, he did prove that he could be a capable scorer, which, given his injury history, is crucial for the longevity of his career.

Wall shot just over 40 percent from the field and was just under 32 percent from deep. He also averaged 6.9 assists per game.

That said, the biggest hurdle in any trade getting done will undoubtedly be his contract. He’s set to make over $44 million this next season and then has a player option, which he’ll unquestionably accept the following season for over $47 million.

He’ll be the second-highest-paid player this coming season and then is on pace to be the highest-paid player the next season. That’s why it’ll be so difficult to find him a home.

If the right amount of assets are attached to a trade, anything is possible, but there’s no doubt Houston won’t be willing to part ways with too much just to get off Wall’s contract.

There aren’t many great options right now. Orlando or Toronto could be possible destinations, but it’s relatively unknown which franchise would make the move for the former five-time All-Star guard.