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Kentucky QB battle will not be a quick decision

Who will come out on top?

Greg Goins - Sea of Blue

Football season is finally here folks.

With fall camp officially starting, media members from across the state got a chance to talk with Mark Stoops on Friday ahead of one of the most anticipated fall camps of his time in Lexington.

One question all media members wanted an answer to was the same one fans want to know: Who will be the Kentucky Wildcats’ starting quarterback? Or better yet, when will one be announced as the starter?

Stoops had this to say in response to when a starting quarterback will be named:

“You know, through the years you’ve heard me answer this, and I bet I’ve answered it the same way. It’s more important to get it right than to be in a hurry,” Stoops said Friday. “Is there a benefit? Yes, I believe there is. There’s a benefit to getting reps. That’s part of the negative to having a lot of talented players at any position, but it seems like it’s obviously much easier to rotate guys in throughout practice and preseason at other spots than quarterback. We do feel like there is quality depth maybe for the first time. You go all the way down and have four or five guys that you feel confident that could play football at this level, and getting them reps is a concern, and we will work that as best we can.”

With five scholarship QB’s on the roster in Will Levis, Joey Gatewood, Beau Allen, Nik Scalzo, and Kaiya Sheron fans should be ecstatic about the depth the position room has to offer. Now it’s just getting one of the players to produce at a decent clip to make this team dangerous.

Currently, it seems the battle is a two-horse race between Levis and Gatewood, with the coaching staff just now going to be able to see Levis’ arm in a game-style situation. The staff got to see Gatewood go through 15 spring practices and preform well by all accounts.

Liam Coen also took some time with the media and had this to say when asked if they would start the season with a two-man rotation at the position:

“That’s a great question. I haven’t really thought about that one, to be honest. I’d prefer not to.”

Let the QB battle begin.