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Kellan Grady is becoming the leader this Kentucky Basketball team needs him to be

You love to see it.

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 05 Atlantic 10 Tournament - George Mason vs Davidson Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kellan Grady is coming to Kentucky this season as one of the most experienced college basketball players in the country. After playing his first four years at Davidson, Grady came to Lexington to take the next step in chasing his professional basketball dreams.

For the first time in the John Calipari era, he has a team that is full of experienced players that can help lead this team to where many expect them to be. Several names stand out as Keion Brooks Jr. and Jacob Toppin will be entering their third seasons of college ball. It seems though that Grady is coming into his own as well.

As the team wrapped up the summer workout period this past weekend, Rob Harris ended the summer with a grueling final workout.

Harris took sometime to catch up with Kyle Tucker of The Athletic, and he mentioned a name that fans will be excited to see starting to take the next step in a leadership role.

Towards the end of the workout, Harris had the team do the ultimate final test. That test was to bear crawl up and back the entire length of the football field. It was during this workout Grady took point on helping his guys through the finish line.

“I saw a side of Kellan that I had never seen before; he became that encourager, that voice that reminds the guys we can do this. And that’s a contagious attitude. Next thing you know, everybody else started to finish their crawl and then go help their teammates finish too. You look around and realize it has turned into something a lot more powerful than just, ‘I can complete this workout.’ It turned into pulling your brother through with you, and everybody just kind of coming together for the first time to be one unit. It was actually really dope to see.”

Having Grady step up in this way is only going to help this team come October. After an awful 9-16 season where it was obvious the disconnect between players, this should bring a smile to fans face that a season like that won’t happen again.

If you have a subscription not The Athletic you can read the rest of Tucker’s article here.

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