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Kentucky basketball players donate to charity

A Family Feud win turns into thousands of dollars donated to charity.

UK Athletics

If you had any worries about whether or not the team chemistry with this seasons’ edition of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team would be any issue, don’t worry.

Upon the recent partnership with Pro Camps, the team decided that they will be doing NIL opportunities together, leaving no one behind.

The Players First Fantasy camp was held this weekend at Rupp which featured the usual aspects of a Fantasy camp: some media members playing pick-up ball, players mingling with fans, and even getting some coaching in.

Later in the day the team partook in some Family Feud against one another.

The Family Feud showdown gave fans and media in attendance a chance to see the personalities of some of the newer (and even older) Wildcats on the roster.

But the biggest news to come out from the Fantasy Camp yesterday was that the winning team of Family Feud received $3,000 per player. Per Player.

The winning team decided to donate all of their winnings to charity, and John Calipari had no clue that was going to happen.

We surveyed 100 people, and we found that all of them are going to love this team.