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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Bradley McKee from B-Roll Productions

The man behind the camera joins the show once again.

A good friend and well-known member of the BBN joined me on the Kentucky Dad Podcast this week.

Odds are if you’re a Kentucky fan, then you’ve seen some of Bradley McKee’s incredible content that he creates for Kentucky Sports Radio as well as his own company, B-Roll Productions.

His videos capture the emotion of events and are a great way for fans to get a behind the scene look at Kentucky Athletics.

Since it was Bradley’s second appearance on the Dad Podcast we danced around some of the normal topics but still made sure to drop some corny Dad jokes etc.

Being that Bradley is one of the few people who’s actually had the opportunity to see the football and basketball teams in-person, we dove into quite a bit of conversation around his first impressions.

It’s not surprising that his comments about Will Levis and the football squad will get you pumped up now that we are less than a week from kick-off. We discussed how we think the revamped offense will look in week one and gave some other random season predictions.

Since the last time we spoke Bradley has added another boy to the family! His 12-year-old twin boys now have a baby brother to look after. As a father of just one boy, I can’t imagine the chaos of having three!

Tune in and hear how Bradley manages to be a father to his three sons while also staying active aiming to grow his business.

I always say the same thing when speaking about Bradley McKee — Everybody knows him and everybody loves him.

Be on the lookout for new episodes of the Kentucky Dad Podcast as we have several tremendous guests lined up over the next few months.

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