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The 5 biggest games before September 4th

You have to have an appetizer before the main course

North Carolina v Virginia Tech

In just seven days we’ll have tailgating parties in Lexington and across the SEC, Alabama vs. Miami and Georgia vs. Clemson, and over 100 FBS teams ringing in the 2021 season in 12 hours of glorious chaos. The excitement and hype is huge as always, but we don’t have to watch golf tournaments while we wait because the games have already begun!

This week a handful of teams serve up the 2021 season appetizer with “Week 0” games and Friday games, Thursday games, and even a Wednesday night game. Some of them are pretty good too! Here’s the five biggest:

5. Nebraska @ Illinois

The very first snaps of the year will be heard in Champaign, Illinois as two bad Big Ten teams look to get their seasons started off right. Big Ten teams will be very happy to have their fans back in the stands and have more of a home-field advantage again.

4. #4 Ohio State @ Minnesota

Yeah this will be a blowout victory for the Buckeyes, but so what? It’s on the road and its the opener. We’ll see quality football and a hyped crowd.

3. Michigan State @ Northwestern

Northwestern was one of the best Big Ten teams last year and Michigan State was one of the worst (they lost to Rutgers). Can the Spartans change the narrative with a road win over Northwestern? Can Northwestern keep their program’s momentum going? The Big Ten West is a lot easier to play in than the East.

2. Boise State @ UCF

Two of the best Group of Five names around open their seasons against each other in a great matchup. This could be a nighttime thriller that’ll give the winner a big boost in bowl prospects.

1. #10 North Carolina @ Virginia Tech

On Friday September 3rd we’ll have our first “Upset Alert” game because Virginia Tech is a quality ACC team playing a top-10 team at home. Why is this really an “Upset Alert” game though? Because the top-10 team they’re playing ain’t Clemson.