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Louisville suspends Chris Mack 6 games without pay

This comes as a result of how Mack handled the Dino Gaudio extortion attempt.

Virginia Tech v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Louisville Cardinals are back in the news.

If you remember, back in June former assistant coach Dino Gaudio pleaded guilty to attempting to get 17 months of salary in exchange for not revealing NCAA violations that had been committed under Chris Mack.

Then on August 11th, it was reported that Gaudio claimed Mack threatened to pull players’ scholarships after the team missed the NCAA Tournament.

“On March 14, coaches and players gathered to watch the NCAA Tournament Selection Show,” the court documents said. “As the evening wore on, it became increasingly clear that Louisville was going to fall just short of being selected to compete in the NCAA Tournament. The mood soured and Mack called a coaches meeting following the disappointing Selection Show. Mack immediately began criticizing the players.”

Fast-forward to Friday, news broke that the University has suspended Chris Mack six games without pay for his failure to follow university guidelines and his procedures during the Gaudio extortion attempt.

The suspension will run from November 8th through November 27th and Mack will forfeit $221,000 in pay.

Here is the official release from the University.

Never change, Cards.