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Dave Moggio of La Touraine Watches joins latest episode of Bleav in Kentucky

Moggio is the founder of La Touraine.

La Touraine

A new episode of Bleav in Kentucky just dropped.

This week, Vinny Hardy welcomed Dave Moggio on to talk about his journey with La Touraine Watches.

By now, you probably know that La Touraine has helped Bleav in Kentucky grow into becoming one of the best UK podcasts around, and Moggio has his own personal connection to the Cats.

Among the topics the guys discussed include:

  • Founding La Touraine.
  • The connections Moggio has formed with UK players.
  • Love for the ‘96 team.
  • And more!

Listen in to see what the guys had to say, then subscribe to the show on the Bleav Podcast Network. And be sure to check out La Touraine Watches (I’m particularly fond of the blue-colored Navigator).

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