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Rhyne Howard secures sponsorship with auto insurance company

It’s great to see one of the best talents in Kentucky get recognized with a sponsorship

NCAA Womens Basketball: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Rhyne Howard becomes the second woman on the Kentucky women’s basketball squad to land a paid partnership.

It’s with Direct Auto Insurance, an insurance agency based in her home state of Tennessee. Howard announced the sponsorship via Instagram this week.

Say what you want about the new NIL rules, but it puts a smile on my face to see a deal like this happen.

All the buzz goes towards the men’s basketball team and the football team when it comes to UK. But the women’s basketball team has always had some great talent, and now they’re getting their recognition.

Rhyne Howard is also on Cameo where you can request a video call from her for $60. She’s an ambassador for Rise Up Sports Media as well, a new company designed to shine more spotlight on female athletes.

While the NIL deals have come in slowly, don’t expect them to stop. Things will only increase from here, and we’ll continue to see some tremendous stories come from it like this one.