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NCAA getting close to expanding 25-man class limit in college football

Another big change on the horizon?

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The college football recruiting landscape had a major shift this offseason, as the NCAA passed the one-time transfer rule. That resulted in tens of thousands of players across all sports entering the transfer portal searching for a new home.

When it comes to college football, any coach will tell you that managing the roster is tough work.

Well, the NCAA is looking to pass a few rules that would help with that very issue.

Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated reported on Friday morning that the NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee is putting the final touches on a one-time temporary waiver allowing schools to replace players that transfer out with a new signee.

Overall, this rule would get rid of the 25-man class cap limit that is enforced by the NCAA. It will also be proposed that the number be limited to 25 signees while making an extra limit for transfer scholarship players.

This gives coaches the ability to continue to bring in full 25-man high school classes. Todd Berry, who is the American Football Coaches Association executive director, had this to say about the proposal:

“We want to maintain the ability to recruit high school players. If we don’t have any corrective legislation, people aren’t going to do that. We’re trying to maintain high school recruitment and make sure universities hard hit by losses to the transfer portal are OK.”

With the transfer portal here to stay, and numerous questions surrounding what potential recruiting classes will look like this wavier goes a long way to helping set the standard in the new era of the sport.

SEC commissioner commented on roster management in college football at SEC media days in July.

“We also have to understand how to support an environment that provides more flexibility, permits legitimate transfers, while holding to account those who tamper and want to turn college rosters into their personal recruiting grounds.”

With the season quickly approaching, and coaches starting to get ready for high school recruits to visit their campuses on Saturdays, the committee is expected to meet next week to vote on approving the temporary policy.