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Kentucky Dad Podcast with TJ Beisner from JMI Sports

Great insight from a familiar face in the UK men’s basketball program.

TJ Beisner

You won’t want to miss this episode of the Kentucky Dad Podcast with TJ Beisner from JMI Sports. This is his second appearance on the show (go here for his first appearance), and it was packed with great tidbits of information.

TJ has held various roles throughout his career in UK Athletics — currently he holds the title of Digital Media & Content Development UK Sports and Campus Marketing.

But he also has the unique task of working directly with John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball program.

Doing what exactly?

Some days I’m not even sure TJ knows the answer to that question.

On the podcast he detailed interactions ranging all the way from day-to-day operations to Calipari discussing his dog’s latest poop location.

This kind of exclusive insight is why you want to check out the Kentucky Dad Podcast.

JMI’s website sums up his duties in a much more elegant manner:

“Responsible for managing the production and development of University of Kentucky and UK Athletics’ media assets, TJ works directly with university and athletics partners to develop creative storytelling and branded media projects while also managing UK’s official radio and television partnerships.”

Not only does TJ have a pretty cool job, he’s also a proud father of two boys and a dedicated husband. It was great to hear stories about the Beisner family and the intentional effort they make to stay connected each day.

Throwback Tweet:

We were able to hit a variety of topics on both ends of the spectrum.

Dad Topics:

  • Dinner Plans
  • Sharing Hobbies
  • Last Good Cry
  • Coffee/Soda/Alcohol
  • Dad jokes

Sports Topics:

  • NIL changing the game
  • Cal’s approach to recruiting
  • Arkansas road win 2020
  • New coaching staff

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