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TJ Walker joins Big Blue Drew on the Kentucky Dad Podcast

The host of Kentucky Roll Call is expecting his first child in the coming weeks.

The latest episode of the Kentucky Dad Podcast featured a UK media veteran and one of my good friends.

TJ Walker of Kentucky Roll Call made his much anticipated debut on the show just a few weeks ahead of his fast-approaching date with fatherhood.

The Walker’s daughter, Lucy, is expected to arrive in early October.

We thought it’d be ideal to chat with TJ a bit before the baby arrives and then a few months afterwards.

There’s sure to be tons of emotion to unpack in this two-part Kentucky Dad Pod series!

Formerly on staff at Rivals and KSR, TJ now hosts a daily morning radio show on the BigXSports Radio.

The program can be heard 7-9 am Monday through Friday on 96.1 FM and 1450 AM in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area.

You can also listen live from anywhere by using mobile app or directly from their website.

Then of course, the Kentucky Roll Call Podcast with TJ Walker and Nick Roush can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

The guys make a genuine effort to keep the podcast listeners involved in the show and also read every single text message that is sent in.

TJ marked our first guest who was still waiting on the arrival of their first child.

For the parents out there, we all remember what an exciting but terrifying time those final weeks were leading into the birth.

But if you know TJ, then you know he’s a pretty down to earth guy so it’s no surprise that he seemed calm and more than ready to take on this new challenge head on.

We immediately dove into TJ’s longtime infatuation with Halloween and the obvious added dimensions that a baby will bring to his favorite holiday.

From there we were able to check-off some of the normal topics such as favorite TV Dad, dinner plans, coffee/soda/alcohol and of course — Dad Jokes.

As I mentioned previously, TJ is one of my good friends and someone I consider to be extremely talented.

He speaks his mind and doesn’t waiver from his positions but also remains respectful and consistently demonstrates that he cares about other people.

It is my opinion that Kentucky Roll Call with TJ Walker and Nick Roush (another Dad Pod veteran) is the best content that can be consumed by Cat fans each weekday morning.

Make sure to check out this episode and be on the lookout for Part 2.

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