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Wan’Dale Robinson believes the Cats will have a special season in 2021

Robinson and Josh Ali have been organizing players-only summer workouts.


Despite the coaches being away, the Kentucky Wildcats are still working hard as they prep for this upcoming season.

One position group that has needed the most improvement in recent seasons is the wide receivers. The Cats have struggled with having a consistent passing game, but they look to change that with Liam Coen.

In the latest edition of the Behind Kentucky Football Podcast, Wan’Dale Robinson said that the wide receivers’ goal is to catch 50,000 passes on the jugs machine this summer.

“It’s nice to know that everybody’s committed to getting better,” Robinson said. “We’re really going to throw the ball and you gotta take it serious because if we don’t, then we’re not going to throw the ball.”

Kentucky’s top receiver last season was Josh Ali and the two have been organizing the offseason players-only workouts. Robinson believes that the two of them will be electric for the Cats this season.

“He’s (Ali) just efficient. Everything he does is precise — the routes, the hands — he has the speed to get down the field as well. He just does everything well as a receiver. He can move outside. He can move inside. He just does everything really well,” Robinson said.

“I think it’ll be really special. I don’t want to say too much. I can let everybody see how that goes, but we’re both ready to play. We want to go up against the best. We’re just ready to show what we can do.”

All of the BBN is ready to see what a Liam Coen’s offense looks like and due to limited media access this past spring, Robinson talked about Coen’s scheme.

“He (Coen) knows how to isolate you on a guy. You can just have one-on-one matchups. The play-action, I really like a lot, especially with our run game. Everybody’s going to be biting down and we’ll have opportunities with really nobody down the field except for you and a corner or safety. It’s really nice to see that he can mix things up. We’re a balanced offense. That’s what I really like the most. You can’t just pick and choose and which one we’re going to do.”

This Kentucky football season has a chance to be very special and the BBN has a lot to be excited about.

The Cats will kickoff the 2021 season Saturday, September 4th against Louisiana-Monroe. The game is scheduled to start at noon and air one the SEC Network.