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Early Kentucky football preview: Florida

This might be the Wildcats’ biggest game of the year

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Today, we continue previewing each of Kentucky’s 12 football games this fall with the Week 5 showdown with Florida at Kroger Field.

The last time the Wildcats played the Florida they stood no chance. Several players were out due to covid protocols and they just couldn’t hold up at the Swamp. This year the game should be a lot closer; the only question is whether the Cats will fall short at home again like in 2017 and 2019.

There will be a lot at stake in this game. Kentucky might enter the game undefeated and ranked. I also think this year gives them their best shot at defeating the Gators since 2018. They certainly have a lot in their favor this time around.

Some of the biggest things going their way include (1) Kyle Trask is in the NFL, (2) Kyle Pitts is in the NFL, and (3) UK should have an established quarterback by Week 5.

Can Kentucky beat Florida?

Yes, but they have to do everything right like three years ago. It’s defense they need so they don’t blow the lead again. I’m a little worried about what this year’s defense will look like, but hopefully it shows up in Week 5. Home-field advantage hasn’t helped the ‘Cats in this series, but maybe they’ll catch the Gators off guard.

Will they pull off the upset and get yet another ultra-rare Florida victory under Stoops? Or will they falter under the spotlight again?

I just have no idea. Kentucky always shows that they can play as well as Florida, but the Gators always find a way to pull a rabbit out of their hat.

Teams change. Teams learn. Kentucky won’t repeat their past seasons all the time. They’ll flip the script and finally win this ballgame at home.

Prediction: Kentucky 28, Florida 27