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Richie Farmer shares his thoughts on Reed Sheppard

“He’s just a wonderful talent.”

From the Rafters of Rupp

The talk of the BBN has been the emergence of Reed Sheppard and that has only increased since Sheppard picked up a scholarship offer from the Kentucky Wildcats.

At age 17, this can be a lot of pressure for Sheppard and someone that understands what he is going through is Richie Farmer.

As far as Sheppard’s game, Farmer has kept a close eye on him since Farmer’s son also played in the 13th region.

Friday morning, Farmer was on Kentucky Sports Radio where he discussed what he has seen from Sheppard.

“I’ve watched him play for three years and I’ve been telling people for the last couple, I said by the time this kid’s a junior, you won’t be able to guard him,” Farmer said. “So that’ll be this coming year. I think the people in the 13th region will really have a difficult time.”

He continued, “He doesn’t have any weaknesses, really, in his game. His only real weakness is experience. There’s been times where maybe he doesn’t make the best decision at that time, but a lot of that just comes with experience. But he shoots the ball real well, he handles the ball, he goes both ways, he’s athletic, he can get to the rim, and he can guard he needs to. He’s just a wonderful talent and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can be, because you have to realize, he still has two years of high school basketball left.”

Sheppard has been doing outstanding things on the basketball court and that had led to him getting offers from all over the country. Farmer added that Sheppard also has a great circle around him to help him navigate this process.

Sheppard is part of the 2023 class and still has time to develop. Despite currently being ranked as the No. 39 overall player in his class, Farmer believes he will finish as a top 3 guard in the class.

You can check out everything Farmer had to say here.

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