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John Calipari shares very positive update on CJ Fredrick

This makes it sound like Fredrick will be ready for the start of the upcoming season.

UK Athletics


Kyle Tucker of The Athletic reports that CJ Fredrick did not suffer a broken leg.

Earlier today, KSR reported that Kentucky guard CJ Fredrick suffered a broken leg and already had surgery to repair it. However, more specific details of the injury, as well as a recovery timeline, were not immediately disclosed.

Now, Kentucky head coach John Calipari has shared a positive update on Twitter, saying that Fredrick should be ready for the start of the 2021-22 college hoops season.

“@CJ_fredrick had a minor procedure today that needed to be done at some point before the season,” Calipari said. “He and his family decided to be proactive and have it done now rather than wait. We are all happy it went well and he will be back better than ever and ready to go for the season!”

Fredrick will have plenty of time to rest and recover before Game 1 vs. the Duke Blue Devils rolls around on Nov. 9, four months from today.

Here’s to hoping for a speedy and full recovery!

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