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Kansas allegedly tried to pay off football player after he reported threats and harassment from teammates

“Les Miles and Jeff Long swept this under the rug and tried to buy our silence.”

Dayton v Kansas

Per a bombshell report from The Kansas City Star, the Kansas athletic department allegedly paid off one of their own football players to go home after reporting threats and harassment from teammates.

KU allegedly secretly agreed to a $50,000 settlement with fullback Caperton Humphrey reported threats and harassment from his home teammates.

The report states some of his teammates “charged into his apartment,” and Humphrey “believed he saw the imprint of a pistol in one man’s jogging pants.”

Up to six of Humphrey’s Kansas teammates allegedly were in Humphrey’s apartment threatening him, his father Jamie, and 15-year-old brother.

“Les Miles and Jeff Long swept this under the rug and tried to buy our silence,” Jamie said. “This is how they operated while representing Kansas.”

The harassment did not stop there according to the report. Allegedly, after an argument with two teammates, Humphrey found lug nuts on one of his tires.

Despite head coach Less Miles being aware of the situation and having the ability to put a stop to it, he instead suggested the players would “settle their differences on the practice field, pitting them against each other.” Miles also allegedly called on the players to simply “apologize” to each other.

The Kansas City Star attempted to contact KU on the issue, but they did not respond for comment.

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