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This seems to be a positive hint with Davion Mintz (it really was)

Mintz back.

Mintz UK Athletics


He back. Let’s ball.

While much of the focus around the Bluegrass right now is on Jalen Duren, it’s easy to forget that Kentucky is still awaiting a decision from Davion Mintz.

Currently testing the NBA Draft waters, Mintz has until next week to decide if he’ll remain in the draft or return to Kentucky. There has been very little news on him over the last month as he’s strongly weighing both options with the July 7 deadline approaching fast.

However, The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker just dropped a hint that could be viewed as a good sign for Kentucky keeping Mintz.

Tucker isn’t one to BS around, so if he’s saying this with Mintz’s decision coming soon, it’s worth taking into account.

There’s another potentially positive development in the form of NIL, which is now in full effect with players signing various deals across multiple platforms. One of them is Cameo, which allows players to be paid to make video calls with custmoers.

Thus far, Kentucky has had Jacob Toppin, Lance Ware, Kellan Grady, and you guessed it, Davion Mintz join Cameo (Dontaie Allen is doing the same on The Players Strunk).

Because of NIL, Mintz can now do this and still maintain college eligibility. He still could have been doing this for the last several weeks/months and made money had he planned to stay in the draft, so the fact he waited until NIL began to start doing Cameo videos suggests he’s, at the very least, still strongly considering a return to Kentucky with just a week left to decide.

If nothing else, this is a great opportunity for fans to show their support for Mintz and other Wildcats.

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