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Isaiah Jackson nearly cracks lottery in latest ESPN NBA Mock Draft

Jackson is on the border of being a lottery pick.

CBS Sports Classic - North Carolina vs Kentucky Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The NBA Draft Combine officially wrapped up, and with that comes latest NBA mock drafts and projections.

Both Isaiah Jackson and BJ Boston were invited to the combine, with Jackson opting not to participate and Boston participating but not playing in scrimmages. In ESPN’s latest mock draft, Isaiah Jackson fell four spots to the No. 15 overall pick to the Washington Wizards, and Boston fell to No. 41 to the San Antonio Spurs.

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony thinks Jackson and the Wizards are a good combination:

“The fastest-paced team in the NBA would surely be attracted to the youth and upside offered by Jackson, a rim-running, lob-catching shot-blocker who dropped strong glimpses of offensive potential in his lone year at Kentucky,”

Boston spoke at the combine about what he is aiming to work on before the draft. Boston said that gaining weight and muscle was a top priority, as well as become a better shooter. “I take pride in my shooting so I wake up everyday and try to get 1,200 makes a day,” he said.

With the draft a month away, Kentucky will have just two picks taken, with Jackson more than likely, being a first round pick. The NBA Draft is July 29.