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NCAA delays NIL vote to next Monday

The next week could be chaos in college athletics.

North Dakota State v Duke Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We all know that new name, image, and likeness rules are coming to college basketball sooner rather than later.

The Supreme Court’s ruling now has the NCAA scrambling to change their approach to NIL right on the heels of state laws going into effect on July 1st.

The Division I Council was scheduled to meet this week to ratify a 30-page document that would put the new NIL rules in place for student-athletes across the country.

However, following the Supreme Court’s ruling, that meeting has been pushed back to next Monday, just three days before the new state laws go into effect.

The Council has a lot to figure out about NIL in a short period of time, but six conference commissioners (three from the Power Five) are wanting to throw the original NIL plan away.

Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated explains why.

“Under the plan, the NCAA would exempt itself from NIL completely. Schools in states with an NIL law may follow that law without penalty, and schools located in states without a statute are granted permission to each create and administer their own NIL policy, as long as they use two guiding principles: no pay for play or recruiting inducements.”

What would that mean for Kentucky and the other schools in the state?

Even though the bill by Morgan McGarvey did not become state law, the student-athletes in this state would still receive NIL benefits without restrictions.

The current NIL plan is filled with restrictions and those now could be considered unconstitutional after the Supreme Court ruling. While some administrators caution moving forward with the new plan, it may be the only option to put schools on the same playing field.

If the Council can’t get something done in time, it will be absolute chaos in college athletics.

We will bring you any updates on the situation and you can check out everything Ross Dellenger had to say here.