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Kentucky Football 2021 Preview: Chattanooga

This might be one of the only games that doesn’t sell out.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 28 Wofford at UT-Chattanooga Photo by Frank Mattia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, BBN!

Today we continue previewing the much-hyped 2021 season with a look at Kentucky’s Week 3 matchup against the Chattanooga Mocs this September. If you’re trying to get friends and family to a game but don’t want the tickets to sell out, this might be the game for you. Let’s start breaking down this matchup:


When: September 18th, 12:00 pm ET

Where: Kroger Field

Kentucky has never played Chattanooga before, who is from the FCS SoCon and occasionally schedules an SEC game to get torched by 47 for fun. Or maybe it’s for financial reasons—that would make more sense.

Chattanooga played a pretty brief 2020-2021 season, going 3-2 with a bunch of games being canceled. They lost to Western Kentucky on October 24th and didn’t play again until the SoCon spring season kicked off for them on February 27th when they beat #11 Wofford. The #11 probably means it was a significant win in the FCS world.

Also, Chattanooga is called the Chattanooga Mocs. What a strange team name! The Mocs? I wonder what it means.

Maybe the announcers will mention it on the cruddy SEC Alternate telecast this game will likely end up on. Of course, Kentucky fans don’t really care about all this so I’ll move on.

If Mark Stoops beats UL Monroe and Missouri to start the season 2-0, this should be an easy blowout to reach 3-0 ahead of a winnable South Carolina road game. It’ll also get Mark Stoops one win closer to breaking Bear Bryant’s record 60 wins at Kentucky.

Prediction: Kentucky wins 48-10 in an easy blowout noon game. If you promised to take your friends out to a UK game this fall this will be an easy (and affordable) one to get to without worrying about a sellout, which would probably make it a lot harder to sit together.