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The NCAA is considering technical fouls for flopping

This rule needed to happen yesterday.

Miami v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We have already heard about some potential rule changes that the NCAA is considering for college basketball moving forward.

However, on Friday, they announced yet another new rule that I believe many fans would be in favor of.

In a release, the NCAA rules committee recommended a rule change that would make any instance of flopping by a player punishable by a technical foul without a warning for the first instance.

“Under this proposal, officials would no longer issue a warning on the first occurrence when they judge that a player is faking being fouled. Instead, officials would assess a Class B technical foul to the player each time they judge a player is embellishing being contacted, and the opposing team would receive one free-throw shot. The player whistled for feigning a foul would not be assessed a personal foul.”

“Examples of what officials will watch for include players involved in block/charge plays, players falling to the court despite not being contacted after field goal attempts, dribblers who bob their heads to simulate being contacted and players who act like they were the recipient of contact despite not being touched.”

Colorado head coach and the chair of the rules committee, Tad Boyle had this to say of the proposed rule.

“After two years of using warnings, we didn’t feel like we were getting the results that we wanted. We are trying to get flopping out of our game. We’re asking the officials to call them when they happen.”

As of right now this proposed change is only a recommendation as the new rule still needs approval before taking effect. The NCAA panel is scheduled to meet on July 3rd to discuss this rule change as well as other matters.

You know Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils aren’t a fan of this.