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UK football ticket mini-packs: everything you need to know

Get three football games in one package deal with UK Athletics mini-packs!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 23 Florida at Kentucky Photo by Mat Gdowski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What’s up, BBN!

This week, info was released for the 2021 football tickets mini-packs at 2021 Mini Packs - UK Athletics Ticket Office ( These allow fans to pick and choose some games without buying season tickets. There’s a lot of hype going into this year, so if you want to go to some games you’ll probably want to look into these. In this article I’ll break down how they work and what games you’ll probably want to pick so that you get the highest value.

There are three groups of games: A, B, and C. With the mini-packs you get to pick one from each group. All prices shown are for the cheapest section, Zone 4, to the most expensive, Zone 2.

Group A:

  • Florida (Oct. 2) $60, 75, 85
  • LSU (Oct. 9) $60, 75, 85
  • Tennessee (Nov. 6) $50, 63, 72

Group B:

  • Missouri (Sept. 11) $41, 54, 63

Group C:

  • UL Monroe (Sept. 4) $23, 31, 45
  • Chattanooga (Sept. 18) $23, 31, 45
  • New Mexico State (Nov. 20) $23, 31, 45

So basically you’ll get Missouri, one nonconference game, and another SEC game. The question, of course, is which nonconference game and SEC game to pick. I have some recommendations based on what kind of fan you might be, but obviously you probably won’t fall exactly into one category or might have a schedule that prevents you from going to certain games.

The budget-mindful fan: 3 games as cheap as possible

For $114 you can sit in Zone 4 and watch UK play any nonconference foe, Missouri, and Tennessee. Personally I think you’d want UL Monroe for your nonconference game, since it’s the season opener.

The big game fan: best matchups possible

UL Monroe, Missouri, and Florida are what you want here. Florida will probably be ranked higher than LSU in the polls in October, and Tennessee might not be in them at all.

The “I hate losing” fan: most likely wins

I don’t think you have to worry about the nonconference foes here, but Chattanooga is the FCS team, Missouri you get no matter what, and Tennessee looks to be the worst of the other three SEC teams (though with that conference it’s really pick your poison).

The hog-wild money-to-burn fan: get me the most expensive tickets possible

Well you might want season tickets in this case but to sit in Zone 2 for Florida/LSU, Missouri, and a nonconference foe will set you back $193. Maybe eat before the game and find a buddy you can get a ride with though. Bills don’t pay themselves.

The collector fan: I want to see rare matchups

LSU, Missouri, and Chattanooga. They only play one FCS team a year and there are a lot of them to pick from, so I don’t think they’ll play Chattanooga very often. LSU is the easy pick here as well since they’re from the SEC West and only play at Kentucky once a decade if even that. This will be the first time in the Stoops Era the Tigers have come to Lexington.

I hope you can get some great seats and see some awesome wins! I’m not affiliated with UK Athletics at all; I’m just researching and writing about different UK football ticket options. Go ‘Cats!