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Paolo Banchero, Hunter Sallis on where UK finished in their recruitments

Kentucky was once viewed as the favorites in both recruitments.

High School Basketball: NOV 08 Pangos All-American Festival Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

During the year that was 2020, Kentucky was seen to be in good position for a handful of prospects. In late 2019 it was Cade Cunningham and Paolo Banchero. In the middle of 2020 it was Hunter Sallis.

But where did Kentucky finish for some of the top prospects that chose different schools? Rob Cassidy of Rivals spoke with some of the participants at last week’s Iverson Classic about which schools finished second to the school the prospect signed with.

For Paolo Banchero? Kentucky did not finish second, and seemed to not even be an option for Banchero based on his comments.

“(It) was a four-way tie. I’m not even kidding. Duke didn’t separate themselves until late. But, if it wasn’t Duke, it would have been Gonzaga. I didn’t choose Gonzaga because Duke was, by far the best option, but I think it would have been Gonzaga if not.”

Hunter Sallis and Kentucky seemed to be on good terms back last summer, but he eventually landed at Gonzaga.

“I really can’t pick just one, so I’ll give you the two (North Carolina and Creighton). I really liked both of them and I liked Kentucky, too. They were kind of in a little group.”

Sallis said that Creighton or North Carolina would have been his second choice.