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Another positive update on Keion Brooks via Riley Welch

Things continue to trend in a positive direction for Kentucky.

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South Carolina v Kentucky Silas Walker/Getty Images

John Calipari is getting his roster set for the 2021-22 Kentucky Wildcats as he looks to bounce back from a tough season, finishing with a 9-16 record.

While we’re all keeping our eyes on the transfer portal and high school recruiting, we’re also still waiting to hear from Keion Brooks Jr. and whether or not he is returning for a junior season.

Ever since the season ended, rumors have been flying around that Brooks would end up transferring.

On March 11th, Brooks’ dad shot down the transfer rumors in a text to Kyle Tucker of The Athletic. Then last Friday, Brooks’ father reiterated to Tucker that “nothing has changed,” so it sounds like a transfer is still not being considered.

Then on Tuesday, Kentucky guard Riley Welch made an appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio and was asked about the potential of Brooks returning.

Welch noted that he hasn’t talked to Brooks about it specifically, but he did say, “Keion has never given me any indication he’s not coming back.”

There has still not been any official news from Brooks about his decision for next season, but we heard reports in late April that it was looking like he was trending towards a return to Kentucky.

This is still another good sign for the possibilities of Brooks returning, and hopefully, we eventually get good news from Brooks himself.

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