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Saturday Quickies: Nolan Hickman Bombshell Edition

John Calipari’s freshman point guard has opted to look elsewhere. And there’s a big time horse race today.

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Al Ward

The original plan was to dedicate these Quickies to the 147th Run for the Roses, but a major development happened yesterday afternoon that derailed all of that.

The decommitment of Nolan Hickman came as a complete shock Friday afternoon. John Calipari now is left with no point guards for the Kentucky Wildcats’ 2021-22 season.

Hopefully, the decommitment of Hickman means that Calipari has a major influx of talent at the guard position coming in, because if not, this is big trouble.

Cal shook up the staff because, frankly, he didn’t feel like the staff he had was getting it done on the court. The loss of Tony Barbee appears to be one of the reasons for Hickman’s departure.

However, in an interview with KSR, Hickman’s father made it clear that homesickness played a major role as well.

Remember, Hickman is originally from Washington and played high school ball in Utah, so he’s already been far away from home a lot, and it sounds like he doesn’t want to keep doing that in college.

“He was like, “Dad, I can’t do it to myself.” More and more, he just felt like he didn’t want to be away,” Hickman Sr. told KSR. “He’s actually home for the week, and he was like, “I really have to think some things through. I can’t go through this again, being away, separated from you guys and family.” That’s how we got to this.”

Hickman was also really close with Tony Barbee, who left to become the head coach at Central Michigan. Losing him clearly affected the familiarity Hickman felt he had with Kentucky’s staff, so all of this lumped together helped lead to the decommitment.

I feel that Calipari has a plan and things will be OK, but this could be a major blow if he can’t pull a rabbit out of his hat. This is a pivotal moment in John Calipari’s career at UK after the disaster that happened last season.

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Not good.


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Special shout out to my twins on their seventh birthday today. Daddy loves you.