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MLB Week 1 winners and losers

The Phillies are off to a hot start in the NL East.

MLB: New York Yankees at Philadelphia Phillies Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon, BBN! Now that the NCAA Tournament is over and football is still a little over four months away, if you’re like some folks you’ll probably tune out of sports for a while, grill some hot dogs, and watch old highlight reels every now and then.

Well if that’s you then I don’t know why you’re reading this, because this is for all those baseball-loving ‘Cats fans out there! Sure the college team is fun, but there’s nothing like watching the pros in the 162-game MLB season that goes from chilly April mornings to the Fall Classic. Plus, they don’t have college fantasy leagues yet as far as I know.

Each week we’ll update the playoff picture and go through the week’s biggest winners and losers, keeping it fun and maybe highlighting or laughing at your favorite team! Alright, let’s get started:

Playoff Picture: Week 1 (4/1—4/7)

AL Division Leaders:

1. Astros (6-1)

2. Twins (5-2)

3. Orioles (4-3)

AL Wild Card:

1. Angels (5-2)

2. Red Sox (4-3)


White Sox (4-4), Kansas City (3-3) in the hunt

NL Division Leaders:

1. Phillies

2. Reds

3. Dodgers

NL Wild Card:

1. Cardinals

2. Cubs


San Diego (4-3), San Francisco (3-3) in the hunt

The Phillies, Reds, and Astros are off to hot starts, but can they sustain them? The Orioles also started the season off on the right foot as they look to get closer to exiting “rebuilding mode”.

Winner: Phillies

Not only have the Phillies started 5-1, but they’ve done it against their primary competition in the NL East: the Braves and Mets. Now we get to see them face those same opponents on the road as they try to finally break through into the playoffs again after spending a zillion dollars on Bryce Harper.

Loser: Pirates

As expected, the Pirates stink and are 1-6. But at least they won on Opening Day!

Winner: Astros

Houston barely made the playoffs last year, actually finishing under .500 in the 60 game 2020 season, but has jumped out to a 6-1 start as they try to reclaim the AL West. Five of those wins were on the road too.

Loser: Marlins

The Marlins broke out of their perennial futility last year, made the playoffs, and won a series. That’s always exciting for a fanbase. Unfortunately, if they keep playing like they did this week, they won’t make a return trip. A 1-6 start is putting them into a big hole early.