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Does Devin Askew’s transfer mean good news coming from other guard options?

Kentucky’s backcourt remains in flux, but several high-level options remain for it.

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With the news coming out of Devin Askew deciding to transfer from the program, one question that fans will have is what comes next for the Kentucky Wildcats?

It’s a fair question, because on a roster that needs guards, losing one definitely doesn’t help settle the anxiety of what the backcourt could look like next season.

With the loss of Askew, there is now a huge hole at the point guard spot for next season. In this situation, however, it could mean some good news is on the horizon for John Calipari and his staff.

Here are a few options.

Davion Mintz returning?

Rumors have been circling for months about the potential for a second season of Davion Mintz in Lexington. Those rumors seem to become more of a reality after a rather quiet month regarding his decision.

With the loss of Askew, it is fair to assume that the chances of Mintz returning to Lexington for another season are increasing by the day.

After taking over the point guard duties for the last several games of this past season, Mintz showed his ability to run the lead guard spot when needed. Still seen as a better off-ball option in Calipari’s offense, it is still a nice security blanket to have in the case of bad point guard play.

It was getting hard to see Askew Mintz, Kellan Grady and another potential backcourt transfer fitting on the roster. Maybe Askew’s departure means it’s more likely to happen now with Mintz and/or another transfer...

Skyy Clark reclassifying to 2021?

Nope. Not happening.

Imminent transfer addition?

Since Mintz hasn’t announced his decision yet, perhaps Askew’s decision to transfer came because he knows Kentucky is about to add another backcourt transfer, ideally one that’s a true point guard.

The first name that is going to come to everyone’s mind is Marcus Carr. A proven scorer in a Power 5 conference, it’s easy to see why fans would be excited about the prospect of him coming to Lexington for a final season after he averaged nearly 20 points per game last season at Minnesota.

The downfall? Carr is testing the NBA Draft process and may not play another season of college ball. He’s already declared for the draft, and it’s hard to see him pulling out now before the draft process really kicks into gear with private workouts, interviews and the NBA Combine.

Luckily, there are a ton of names that drop into the portal everyday, and the list will keep expanding into the summer, so John Calipari is going to have lots of options to work with.

Does the staff have another guy on their radar that the are keeping under wraps? After the Grady signing, nothing would be quite surprising.

Either way, with the loss of Askew, it feels like a big move is coming soon. Now we just wait and see how the pieces fall into place.

What do you think the next big move for Kentucky basketball will be? Let us know in the comments section!